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Library OneSearch

Your guide to using HTC's Library OneSearch tool.

What is Advanced Search?


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Nearly all search tools have an Advanced Search option which gives researchers much more control over what they find. 
Advanced searches generally let you choose in what "Field" you want to search for your keywords (title, author, etc.) as well as other limits or search refinements to help researchers find specific results.

Advanced Search

Using the Advanced Search

The link to the Advanced Search is found on the right side of the single search box.

Within the Advanced Search you have the option to (1) select a search scope, (2) "pre-set" some of your search refinements, and (3) specify in which "field" you would like to search for your keywords, such as in the title field, subject field, or author field.

Image of blank advanced search form

You can create a search as simple or as complex as you wish.  Please note, the more complex a search gets - the more likely you will find few or no results at all.

Below is an example of an advanced search that specifies what field the keywords should appear in, the material type desired, and a publication date range:

Example of completed Advanced Search form

Saving Items in OneSearch

Saving Items in OneSearch

Before saving and items or search results in OneSearch, you will first want to sign in to your account using your Star ID and password.  This will ensure your saved items will be there each time you log in and won't disappear when you leave OneSearch.

Sign In link in top right corner of OneSearch


If you would like to save an item from your search results so you don't lose track of it, simply click the Pin icon to the right of the item title.

Item result with Pin Icon circled

You will see the box around the item turn yellow and the pin icon will become crossed out (indicating it's been saved).


Viewing Saved Items

You can view all of your saved items by clicking the Pin icon in the top right corner of the OneSearch screen (where the Sign In / Library account links are).

Pin Icon in top right corner is the Saved Items area

From this area you can view your saved items, navigate to the full text if available, or remove them from the saved list (click the crossed out pin icon).  There are more actions available under the ellipses menu (icon that looks like three dots in a line).

Image of Saved Items area in OneSearch. Points out "Available Online" link to view full-text and crossed out pin icon to remove from saved list.

To return to your search results, click the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner (next to your name if signed in).

Image of magnifying glass icon in top right corner to return to search from saved items area.

More Features in OneSearch

More Features in OneSearch

Above the search box in OneSearch are links to other available features.

  • New Search - resets your search to a blank search box on the OneSearch main page
  • Databases - search for a database subscribed to by the library
  • Library Guides - link to many online help guides created by the HTC Library
  • Browse - virtually browse the libraries print and online book collections using subject, title, author, or call number
  • Get Help - link to the HTC Library website with hours and contact information
  • Journals - search by journal title or ISSN to see which database provides access to the journal

Shows top navigation links in OneSearch