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Floral Design Research Guide: Articles & Databases

Use this guide to learn how to research using the tools and resources of the Hennepin Technical College library.

Article Search Tips

Use any of the following commands to improve your search results:

AND: all results must include both words. (Ex: government AND privacy)

  • Use AND between unique keywords (Basic Search)
  • Use AND between separate search boxes (Advanced Search).

Screenshot of database search: AND between seach boxes

OR: results may contain either word.  Type OR between synonyms. (Ex: job OR career)

  • Use OR when entering synonyms in the same search box.
  • DO NOT change drop-down between boxes to OR.

Screenshot of database search: OR between synonyms

Quotation Marks (" "): all enclosed words will be searched as an exact phrase. (Ex: "immigration reform")

Screenshot of database search: phrase in quotations marks

Asterisk (*): Add to the end of a partial word. Looks for all endings of the word. (Ex: employ* = employee, employed employment, employer)

Screenshot of database search: Asterisk to find alternate forms of word.

Limit Your Search Results

  • Checkmark the Full Text checkbox to only find full articles (not just summaries).

Screenshot of Full Text checkbox in database.

  • Use the Publication Date limit to only find articles within a specific time frame (Ex: the last 5 years).

Screenshot of publication date limit in database search.

For more search tips or for help with your research, Ask the Library.

Core Floral Design Databases at HTC

CheckmarkSearching individual article databases tailored to your specific program area will retrieve fewer and more focused results on your research topic (as opposed to finding articles through OneSearch).

The following databases contain articles, reports, and other information specific to floral design.

Additional Floral Design Databases

The following databases contain some floral design literature, but are not as focused on floral design literature as the core databases listed above.

Ask a Librarian

Got a Question? Need Research Help?

 Man and stack of papers clipart.

Call or email the library!

Jennie Simning (Librarian): 952-995-1533 or Send Email

Brooklyn Park Campus Library: 763-488-2929

Eden Prairie Campus Library: 952-995-1650