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CDEV 1530 - Chronic Conditions and Illnesses in Childhood: Start

Find research on children's chronic conditions and illnesses for CDEV 1530 - Health, Safety, and Nutrition in Young Children.

CDEV 1530 - Letter on Childhood Chronic Conditions/Illnesses

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Students in CDEV 1530 - Health Safety and Nutrition will write a letter as a parent to a teacher/caregiver describing one of the chronic conditions or illness (identified in the course textbook) that can affect children's health.  Students will write as if they were the parent who has a child with this condition or illness, and wishes to inform the child's caregiver about the condition or illness.




  • Review Chapter 4 of your textbook (Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child).
  • Select a chronic condition or illness that some young children may experience. 
  • Research to find 2 additional resources with information on your selected condition/illness (in addition to your textbook) that you will include in your letter.

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